I moved to Laos (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) in 2017. When I arrived, I was struck by the history of Laos and Japan, and felt somewhat nostalgic.
Laos is a Buddhist country, it has a peaceful characteristic, which dislikes strife and thoughts of ringing the horn of a car as shameful, which reminds me of Japan of old times.70% of the population are farmers, but their annual income is extremely low, so low that the thought of it shocked me. I thought it strange, when I heard that the annual income of farmers are about the same as an employee in the city. I thought to myself, “Is there anything I could do?”
These people have an important role in the production of livelihood for the country. I wanted them to get paid what they deserved.

-Turning Point-
The turning point in my life came, when the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 hit. This calamity made me realize how fragile life is, how powerless I am, and I had lost my desire to live.
Until this point, the meaning for living for me, was all about making as much money and having a high income over anything else.

Even though, I had lost hope in living, I thought to myself that I might be able to help the farmers of Laos to increase their income, by exporting safe food to Japan before there is a food crisis. Since I realized that I am not living but that I was being kept alive, I decided to give back to Laos, who made me realize that there is still purpose to my life. Of course, even though this is still a business, I want to earn money, but I am not doing it for the profit, I am doing it to give back to the people that deserve it.
Laos is a country rich with nature, but sadly, it is not being used to its full potential. Economically, the country is still underdeveloped.
With the intention of “Enriching the farmers of Laos” and “Wanting for the whole world to know Laos”, I am going to gather all my experiences that I have accumulated since when I was 15 years old which is when I started working, to accomplish this task which I am naming SAMURAI PROJECT. Thank you for reading so far. I hope that by reading this, you become more knowledgeable about Laos and become interested in the GPLAO Group.

President 竹村 和晃 Kazuaki Takemura

Company Info

Company Name GPLAO pakse sole co.,ltd
Address Ban huasei M bajieng champasack province. Lao PDR
Representative President Kazuaki Takemura
CEO Khampet phonekeo
Phone Number 85620-5545-5114
Store SAMURAI cafe&restaurant
Ban vatsen meang luangphabang nakone luang phabang LAO PDR
TEL:071 260311
Established January 2018
Affiliate(s) GPLAO JAPAN


  • January 2018Established GPLAO local company
  • June 2018Agriculture & Method School opened by Organic Savannakhet Thassano Agricultural Experiment Station
  • January 2019Established Champasak GPLAO Pakse
  • May 2019Acquired United States FDA
  • June 2019Exported 1t Tipica to Event organizer in Los Angeles
  • October 2019Established Samurai Café & Restaurant main store, on main street along Laos World Heritage, Luang Prabang