Our Thoughts

Meeting in Laos
The origin story of GPLAO

The start
Was the thought of One.

“Why are they poor, despite being able to produce good quality beans?”

This project was once started by Lao farmers in the background of poverty.

The farmers that were facing a difficult situation, turned for advice to a samurai, who stood up to help.

The Smile,
That I want to leave for the future.

“I want to enrich the lives of the farmers”

His strong beliefs and actions moved the people’s hearts, and this helped establish the local subsidiary GPLAO in Laos.

Contracts with the local coffee bean association and 500 farmers.
Launched an export business, that not only sends to Japan, but to the rest of the World.


The challenges of underdeveloped countries are deeply rooted. About 70% of the people in Laos are impoverished farmers. The situation is such that the average monthly income of farmers is equivalent to that of workers in the capital.

However, the people are calm and peaceful, have a serious and earnest work ethics, similar to the forgotten feelings of former Japan.

At GPLAO, we aim to create a world where everyone can freely choose their own life through the support of such people.

Opening the doors to an unseen future.

The ray of “Light” that one Samurai’s thoughts led to,
has moved the hearts and created hope to people,
pioneering the future of everyone in the World.